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About us is a Swedish site about adventure and the great Outdoors. We were founded in September 2019, by our editor Johan Östling, who also runs the major Swedish travel blog Grattis Världen.

Our vision s is to inspire our readers to get closer to nature, try Outdoor difrent activities and discover new destinations. Our adiance is people who has several years of experience and of people who want to go out into the wilderness for the first time.

Work whit us!

We are available for both assignments and collaborations. Our editor Johan Östling have a background in content marketing and storytelling with over 8 years of experience in both editorial and commercial assignments.

Our team members have difrent knowledge and experience in various Outdoor activities and are experts in their fields. If you are interested in to start a cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact Johan Östling at

Editorial article & sponsered posts

We offer both articales and sponsered posts here at An article referes to topics or text with content created from an visit, journey, expedition or similar. A sponsored post is when you send us a equipment for an test, evaluation and review. But it can also be an post there you want promote your webbstore, brand or similar.

All partnerships start with a meeting where we go through and discuss what the partner wants to get out and what we can contribute. Together we develop a plan, both content and timing. We are carefull whit which companies and brands we highlight and that they are in line with our policy.

We only work with brands that are relevant to the site and we can stand for. Our opinions are always our own. Cooperation is highlighted in accordance with the Market Practices Act. The cost of editorial posts varies depending on the size, scope and distribution and how you want to use the material. Send an e-mail for quotations

Product samples, press releases and invations

We receive product samples, press releases, and participating in the event as we think seems relevant to us and to our readers. This is to keep us up to date and to monitor trends and developments in the areas of

Samples and mailing itself is no substitute, herefore not a guarantee of visibility here on or in our other channels. We are also not responsible for returning products that have been sent to us without prior agreement. For guaranteed visibility required cooperation.

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